NIP Activity Video – Sweet Babe Lauren

Another fresh week and time for one more sexy nip activity video scene for you to enjoy as well. For this new one we bring you a video with the simply luscious and sexy babe Lauren in action as she gets around to show off her nude curves in a public place as well. She was all happy about it too as she knows just how good she looks as well. For this scene we let her stroll around both on foot and on a segway too and she kind of enjoyed the latter as she could go around at speed and be kinky too. We bet that you are eager to see her at play today so let’s just not waste time anymore and see this superb video with her shall we?

In the start of the scene you get to see her waking her walk on foot and turning those heads around for her everywhere she goes. After that like we said, it was time for her to stroll around with the little apparatus and we also provided a helmet for her as well. We don’t want to have her fall off and risk hurting that pretty little head of hers. Well apart from that she was still nude though. So anyway, have your fun with this babe showing off her nude body for everyone to see and enjoy it. Do stay tuned for more next week and do check out the past scenes as well if you want to see more naughty babes doing more of this too!

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